Abundant Life Pentecostal Church has a vibrant group of young people who are excited about living for Jesus. Headed by Matthew Davies and his wife, Tiffany, along with several other young couples on the youth team, they guide the Surge and Ignite groups both spiritually and in activities that young people enjoy.

Their activities vary from month to month, with gatherings at the park, at the church, in the gym, at the beach, on ski trips, harvest parties, and lots more. It is exciting in every way and builds a strong bond to help them live victoriously in this dark world. Every Saturday night at 9:00pm, all of the youth gather in the sanctuary for a time of prayer. This has energized the entire church family, as we witness the younger generation excited about living right and according to God’s Holy Word when our society is going a totally different direction.

They enjoy a monthly mid-week service, with their age group participating in every aspect, from leading worship and singing to testimonials and preaching. The whole church family is present and supports them, enjoying the fresh perspective young people give.

We are thankful for this very powerful element in the church! They are making a difference.



SURGE – Youth (ages 12 – 18)

We are a group of YOUTH that are committed to God. SURGE Youth are full of ENERGY…..there is never a dull moment!!! We are a group of young people that are excited about what God is doing in our generation. We are growing as our children turn 12 and join SURGE, and we are having young people that are coming in and receiving the Holy Ghost. This may be a SHOCK to you, but we are on fire for God! Surge is a place to make friends and be influenced for God. SURGE Youth is CHARGED with ELECTRICITY!

SURGE – noun 1: A strong, wavelike, forward movement. 2: Sudden electricity increase, as current or voltage. 3: to spring up, arise, stand up. 4: The YOUTH ministry of Abundant Life Pentecostal Church.


IGNITE – Young adults ministry (ages 18 – 30)

We are a group of young adults that are passionate about living for God. We are endeavoring to let our light shine. IGNITE takes time to establish friendships, to pray together, and to get clear direction on the purpose of life and our place in the world. We are real people that deal with the dynamics and dangers of being Christian young adults in 2012. IGNITE is a circle of friends that are always growing and getting stronger. Join IGNITE as we embark on the Christian journey through life together.

IGNITE – noun 1: To catch on fire or set fire to. 2: Burn or cause to burn. 3: The young adult ministry of Abundant Life Pentecostal Church.


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