In the book of Psalms in the Bible, we are admonished to praise the Lord with singing, with instruments, and with our voice in the sanctuary (Psalm 149 and 150).

At Abundant Life, we do just that! We are joyful and filled with thankfulness to God for saving us from sin, lifting our condemnation and giving us peace and happiness. Our worship is exuberant, and we make no apology.

In every church service, we sing songs of praise, exalting the Lord! Our musicians strive to play skillfully and with anointing. Our children enjoy singing in various choirs once a month on Sunday night, and it is enjoyed by all. More frequently, the choir of youth and adults sing with anointing and passion, and God’s presence is felt in a powerful way.

Various groups, including solos, trios, and quartets of both young and old, sing in most of our services. We are continually learning new songs, as well as bringing back the classic hymns from the past.

Karen Davies, who directs the Music Ministry, has a great desire to help prepare and encourage those involved to be the best they can be, both musically and spiritually. Much attention is given to practicing vocally and on the piano, organ, bass and drums. She has a strong background in music study, specifically piano, and has been involved in choirs and vocal music for many years.

You will be blessed as you join us in worship and praise.