When a guest decides to visit and walks through the doors of Abundant Life Pentecostal Church to worship with us, they are greeted by a warm smile on the face of our Hostess, a handshake and greeting! This is only the beginning because we are a friendly church. You are only a guest the first time you come.

We have a team of Ushers and Hostesses that strive to make you feel comfortable and welcome. They answer any questions you have, asking you a few as well! You will soon be guided to a place to sit in the sanctuary, in preparation for the service to begin. If you know someone who attends, they are happy to seat you near them, helping you to further feel comfortable.

If you have a small child, they make available to you our competent child care, or someone to sit near you, who can assist you during service.

We are so pleased to have you visit us and strive to make your experience in a Pentecostal church one to remember fondly.

Throughout the year, Abundant Life Pentecostal Church hosts events, such as our Church Anniversary and LABOR-DAY Preaching Conference, Annual LCA Bike-a-thon, LCA Graduation, Sunday School Ministry’s Roundup Sunday, Platinum Elite Dinners, and many more exciting times of fellowship and good food.

The expertise of Deborah Lisk, coordinating all the preparation and serving of food, decoration, and more, is an invaluable asset to these memorable occasions for ALPC. She is a very talented and capable lady with much experience in this area and takes joy and pleasure in giving her time and ability to make it happen.