Sue Fackler – Supervisor

LCA has been very blessed to have the dedication and commitment of Sue Fackler as Supervisor of our Upper Learning Center. She has been involved as a Supervisor since 1981, first as our Learning-to-Read Supervisor, then in the Upper Learning Center. She has a desire to facilitate an educational foundation for our children that enables them to succeed in their life’s choices while developing Christian character, Her discipline and competency has yielded graduates of extraordinary achievement, as well as good citizens who are an asset to the community.


Sarah Burton – Supervisor

With energy and purpose to help young students begin the learning process, Sarah Burton brings excitement into the Primary Learning Center. At the conclusion of the first nine to twelve weeks, her students are reading proficiently, continuing on through the rest of the year reinforcing reading and developing beginning math skills. They complete the first year with a positive view of learning, a good foundation that sets the course for the rest of their education.


Carleen Wooten – Supervisor’s Assistant

With efficiency, Carleen Wooten aids Sue Fackler with various procedural duties, and works with younger students in the Upper Learning Center. With the independent-learning curriculum of the A. C. E. program, there is much need for one-on-one time with student and teacher. She adores working in this setting and is a positive influence on young lives.


Katie Hahn – Monitor

In her disciplined, consistent way, Katie Hahn offers a strong and Godly influence to our students. She is loving and gentle, working with students, encouraging them to reach their academic goals, while developing Christian Character and doing their best. She has a strong desire to help students live their life for God.



Chris Chenoweth – Math Instructor and Physical Education Instructor

With purpose and passionate desire to see students succeed, Chris Chenoweth enjoys aiding students through the challenges of higher math. He encourages students to reach beyond their “comfort zone” in their striving for excellence in Physical Education, while learning good sportsmanship and healthy competition. He is a great asset to the academic program of Life Christian Academy.